If you need any gelcoat repairs, do not hesitate to contact CNB Yacht Refinishing . Fully insured, we offer our services from Miami to Fort Lauderdale/Dania Beach or West Palm Beach  shipyards .

It’s important to know the definition and what gelcoat is.


Gelcoat is sprayed into a female mold during construction; afterwards, fiberglass is laid up and allowed to cure. When the boat is taken out of the mold, the gelcoat is smooth and usually retains a high gloss on the outer layers. Gelcoat doesn’t fully cure when in contact with air, but one side is in the mold and the other covered with fiberglass resin; air is kept out and the gelcoat cures to a hard finish.

CNB Yacht Refinishing adds wax to exterior gelcoat to fully cure in the air, The wax rises to surface after application and keeps the air out, causing the gelcoat to cure.

Correct color matching is the key, when it comes to gelcoat. Second, proper mixture ; MEK catalyst is used following the manufactures specs, carefully. Adding more catalyst will shorten working time and not enough catalyst will cause it to not properly cure. Hot or cold temperature also affects curing, so all of these variables need to be taken into consideration, also. Our craftsman have years of knowledge in the field of gelcoat repair to be able to achieve consistent quality results every time.

Call us for your next gelcoat project and we will make it look like it just got popped out of the mold. We offer our services from Miami to Fort Lauderdale/Dania Beach or West Palm Beach .